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    Our guild Rules (reedited)


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    Our guild Rules (reedited) Empty Our guild Rules (reedited)

    Post by Selene on Thu Sep 13, 2012 11:12 pm

    Here are some rules that you all are REQUIRED to follow if you want to be in this guild. That includes when Im not online cause I've noticed when Im not online is when people think they can get away with whatever they want to. Thats not true if I hear about anyone breaking a rule with more than the 2 warnings or if a rank 2 hears it they are REQUIRED to kick you so the others can continue enjoying their gameing time. After all we have all got to remember that in the end it is all JUST A GAME. If for whatever reason theres any personal issues with someone I would prefer it if you pm them. If they can not resolve it with you than you pm me and Ill talk to them personally or a rank 2 will. I just do not want any drama in this guild. We are here to be a family in game and have fun and the last thing I wanta hear when I get on is drama.

    1. Try and be active if you can we do not want an inactive guild

    2. Respect other members of the guild. Especially ranks 1 2 and 3 as they are in charge of the whole guild. No disrespecting them! That includes no raicest jokes if the person is offinded by it please appologize immeadetly.

    3. Cussing is okay but please if you don't like cursing than turn off the words in the options menu in the game by pressing o it should be in there for bleeping out words. Thats much better than abverating it and please do not over do the cursing.

    4. Please do not KS other players as it is against Shayia rules and most importantly guild members. If you KS another guildie or another Shayia player you will have the warnings and be kicked if I hear it's been more than the 2 warnings. If there is a problem and the person is KSing you than please report it to me or a rank 2 and we will take screen shots of the whole thing. The last thing I want is for one of you to get in trouble for something you didn't do.

    5. You may not beg consistantly for things such as money, armor and plvls. That's my biggest pet peeve as a Shayia player and I will NOT tolerate it. You may ask for plvls but please not every day as it does get annoying when that occures and it will not allow you the chance to help yourself get to know your character.Power leveling is more offered in this guild than anything but we are not your way to a free plvl in this guild.

    6. Another thing. If its a joke it's one thing, but if its serious name calling towards anther guildie is not permitted. Drama queens are not tolerated in this guild also.

    7. Also I have noticed there has been some sort of trouble with our guild in trade chat as of late. Guys please don't step in it would just make it worse. It would give our guild bad rep in the end of it all. What I am asking is that you immeadetly contact a rank 1 or 2 and have them call on a GS or GM. If they do not respond than take screen shots of the entire thing and report it on the Shayia site its self not this site. I know you are all getting about as sick of it as I am but please let GS or GM take care of it so we don't lose our good reputation.

    8. Also I ask that everyone participate in events such as GRB (Guild Ranking Battle) every saterday from 12-1 to help rank up our guild. If you need a plvl that is for GRB toon ask one of the higher levels and they should help. Also I have noticed that a lot of you tend to arge with me or a rank 2 about not comming to GRB when you are online during GRB days. Being as we are a guild and GRB is a guild event you will be asked to join us during that time you can hop on either a level 30 or 60 toon *forget 15 unless it's pvp* and join us. We are a guild after all and do ask for help on things like that. Also listen to the people in charge of your area during that time of GRB do NOT go off and do your own thing that will mess up everything up.

    9. Also there are other ways you can earn your rank in guild but please do not brag about it to other players. There are 2 things you can do for this and in the end they will both help you and the guild anyways. The first thing you can do is farm for Etin on maps 2 and 3. The items you will need to trade for Etin are sympol. Thin meats, Broken Cores, Ennessance of Witch on map 2 over by the Seakels Lepoards and golomes I believe. Your rank will depend on how much Etin you provide and please no whining about your rank I will rank you as soon as you have proved you deserve it. The other way you can earn it is by farming for high lvl armor for the ones that either can not do it yet or helping people with auction house so they can afford higher level armor. Reason being is that way we can all have an enjoyable guild experence and people will feel apperichated that way. If its a huge purchase you make sure you say thank you. If its from GWH I ask that you put it back in when you are done so other guildies may have the oppertunity of using it 2. .

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