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    More on what we are about and what I have planned for our guild


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    More on what we are about and what I have planned for our guild

    Post by Selene on Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:25 am

    A few things that I have planned for our guild is symple. I'm hoping that we can level together as one to create a stronger guild and more of a family for in-game. I hope that we will add more and more people every day who are active players and treat one another with respect as they would like to be treated. We are full of kind, caring and helpful folks who are willing to do just about anything to the guild. To me it doesn't matter what level you are. What matters is who you are and how you can continue to improve our guild as it continues to rank and gain more new and amazing members. We are here to protect Shayia Phoenix Server from heckers as well as other peoples leveling rights. We also encourage people to just be themselves and make lots of new and exciting friends. We are also here to expand other peoples abilities in players and hopefully make a difference in each others life in or out of game. The point with us is I see that even though a few are low lvls when they first join they will not remain that way as everyone eventually gets higher lvl. So I am hoping that if anyone has a higher level character you guys can add them in and help the others catch up so that we can rock the server and not just with guild ranking battle (helps us rank the guild and keep our GH) as well as fammers and the likes. I promise I will try not to be too strict of a leader and I will try to understand all of you. Another thing I wanted to add is our high levels when you guys plvl the lower levels TRAIN them. I would hate to see a high lvl not know wtf they are doing. It'd be just sad. Lower lvls listen to them as they have been on Shayia a long time and are there to help. We also encourage you to be yourself. So if this is the kind of guild that you are looking for than please join us on Shayia Phoenix. We will welcome you with open arms as we continue to expand our amazing family that we have created so far. We also have a fun guild chat so don't be afraid to join in as we continue to joke and mess around with everyone in it. The thing I love about this guild is that we are not only like family but we can give each other crap and laugh about it. I will let those of you who join us be warned we have some of the funniest people in this guild that makes everyone laugh all the time! I know I've laughed to the point of I've had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. So feel free to come and mess with us!

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    Re: More on what we are about and what I have planned for our guild

    Post by mech20hound on Sat Sep 29, 2012 5:46 am

    soooo this is HM_Battleheal Smile love the website, looks better than the first time i looked at it, finaly registered, didnt register the first time but now i know how hehe, sooooo, love it! love the guild and all the guildies! talk u all guildies later! bye! :]

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