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    Post by Selene on Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:19 am

    I wanted to let you guys know something very important. As of this month I have no money for Internet till janurary. As such the following people will be taking charge of the guild. During this time these people are your acting leaders. You guys are to listen to them as if I was here. If there is any real big problems please email me on the site and I will contact a rank 2. Our rank 2s are as follows:

    I love you Holy.Knight - your acting guild leader till I get back. In charge of entire guild including guild ranking battle and finding new guildies

    santa Celianna- also acting guild leader. In charge of everything including the guild house updates guild ranking battle. Make sure the attend GRB cel. Also in charge of making sure we have new members and that phx stays safe while I'm gone. Please cel!

    Sleep KiLlA_hEaLs- usual job of gathering guildies and make sure we keep enough. Etin to keep the guild house going. Make sure guildies stay with therules and stay active players. Make sure we get new guildies including pvpers most important protect the guild.

    king Nathanial- check the guild list every day for new guildies and gather as many as possible. See if phx needs help for anything at all and consistently remind guildies of guild ranking battle.

    rendeer Um_battlegirl- gather as many guildies as you can and keep eye on things!
    Please listen to and respect them as they are your current subleaders. I have talked to most of them already they all know what they are in charge of. If when I am back I hope to hear good guild reports. When our rank 2s are not on line that is when you listen to rank 3s and so on as they have just as much of right to the guild as I do. I still expect you guys to addend guild ranking battle as we still have a server to protect. If any one of you can also find sovereign do let him know we need help on Phoenix. I wish you all the best of luck with the guild.

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