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    do u think that starting guild raids would be a fun way too strengthen the guild?

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    {Ayas trip outta the Guild} check it out <3

    Post by Ayalin on Sat Apr 06, 2013 2:51 am

    Hello every one Aya here so some of u may have noticed that i tolk a few days break from the guild too figure out ways too strengthen and build up our guilds potential.

    Anyways as i have found out there are several things i figured out on my short journey from fellow playable members and the likes basicly i spent gods knows how many hrs walking about asking random ppl what they would like too see in a guild you wouldn't belive what some of there answers were.

    For example i found out that 9-10 players wanted a friendly socialble guild where no one is left out no matter what i have noticed that our guild has needed too work on this a little bit but thats a small change compared too what it could be... again Good job too our leader and the newb cookie herself Sil.

    Continuing on...

    I also found out that alot of ppl like guilds wheres there ptys fer pvp and mostly fer raids wether that be for farming reasons or simply too better themselves with new stuff i'm sure u all know how it goes.

    So heres how i presume we will fix this even though i am not a rank 2 any more i would like too start up group raids sil is being very acceptible too getting lvl'd up so she can lvl up people fer pvp so i figured i will do my part and start group raids.

    I figure we'll have a number of group raids a week depending on how many ppl are up fer this and how many ppl would love too earn some extra cash or the likes god willing some of u will also lvl in the process none the less i think that group raids are a great idea too strengthen our guild and promote good teamwork. who knows we might actually get a few more ppl from other guilds just by doing this.

    there are a few more ideas i have for the guild but i'll end this here fer now in saying.

    "United we Stand, Devided we fall" so come be merry sign up fer group raids and lets increase our guilds ausomeness so that we can truely be number one in ours and in other peoples hearts.

    If u have any ideas too improve the guild follow the link Below and Post and submit ur ideas who knows we might just use a few of them?

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